World Class

We produce world class chicken and quail at Rosedale Scenic Farm in the Barossa Valley.

Our chefs and our customers consistently tell us that we supply the best chicken and quail that they have tasted!


Award Winning

Our award winning products are supplied to some of the best restaurants in Australia and direct to our customers via our Farm Gate and at Farmer's Markets here in the Barossa.  


Sustainable and Organic Farming Practices

A family business, we are passionate about providing natural, pure, grass fed, chemical free paddock reared primary produce.  

We base our farming practices on organic and sustainable principles and the latest in Agricultural Science. 

Free from Chemicals, Hormones, Antibiotics, Preservatives and GMO Feed

Our chicken and quail and are raised in their mobile pens (tractors) with plenty of space in the beautiful Barossa Valley. They experience sunshine, open air, fresh pasture and protection from predators.  We move their mobile homes frequently for new foraging opportunities, hand feed twice daily with a premium food mix (no growth hormones or antibiotics) and check on our chickens every 2 to 3 hours.

With low density stocking rates, a focus on zero stress and continuous outdoor living that includes evaporative cooling in summer (pioneered by us) and heating in winter, our chickens live in 5 star luxury!

Ethically raised using organic and sustainable principles

We care about our planet, our place and our flock


Our Farm

We have a beautiful farm located in the South Western region of the gorgeous Barossa Valley.

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We supply direct to some of the best restaurants in the Barossa and Adelaide.

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